Monique Cupid             Co-founder

Monique Cupid is the founder & executive producer of ML Design and Production, an event and media management company. She is the beauty and lifestyle creator of Midlife Glow Chaser and Brown Skin Green Beauty

Monique is an advocate for pro-aging and clean beauty.

Unbeknownst to her, Monique began experiencing perimenopause symptoms as early as her late 30s. Not knowing what her body was experiencing left her feeling lost and broken for more than 12 years. Now in her early 50s, Monique is eager to share her experience with others to bring awareness to all the phases of menopause.

Dixie Lincoln-Nichols: Co-Founder

Dixie Lincoln-Nichols is the founder of award-winning indie beauty and wellness retailer, Inside Outer Beauty Market. She is also a science and health educator (MSEd), certified health and wellness nutritionist, and host of The Pause Pod, a podcast for menopausal people.

With the onset of perimenopause at 38 and a 12-year road to menopause, Dixie, now fifty-one is fully aware of the challenges people experiencing (peri)menopause face. She’s committed to using her platform to share her experience and that of others like her.

Danielle Barnes Marketing Manager


As a senior account executive at a healthcare marketing agency, Danielle helps teams bring their creative ideas to life. She’s also a freelance writer who enjoys devouring a good book, volunteering for causes she’s passionate about, and traveling to see the world in all its glory. 

At 45, Danielle noticed a dramatic shift in her mood. At the time, she was completely unaware that shift would be the start of a long, scary, and oftentimes lonely battle with perimenopause. 

Now 55 and on the other side of menopause, Danielle is committed to sharing her experiences and encouraging women to advocate for themselves.