According to an April 2022 article in Oprah Daily, more than 50 million U.S. women are currently in menopause – defined as the end of one’s menstrual cycle – and millions more are in perimenopause, the four-to-ten-year phase leading up to menopause. More than a third of those women are women of color, with Black women experiencing menopause very differently from their peers. We are these women.

We transform the menopause journey into an empowered and celebrated experience through accessible education, resources, and community support.

 Thank You Partners 

We created a supportive space with our needs in mind.

We are two menopausal women who met up during the pandemic to talk about work for a project. Without fail, at every weekly meeting, the conversation drifted to menopause, the symptoms each of us was experiencing, and the frustrations we felt about the lack of support, resources, equity, and community.